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Rabu, 11 Ogos 2010

English In Camp SBP 2010


     On 6th August 2010,a very interesting camp was held at Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah(KISAS SBT),Klang which is called ENGLISH IN CAMP. This camp was held to motivate students in using the English language in their school or hometown through some activities.Only four students had been chosen to participate in this camp which are:
  • Muinnuddin bin Salehuddin
  • Mohammad Ikhwan bin Mohamad Jalani
  • Amy Norfarahin bt. Norhan
  • Raihan Aliyah bt. Muhd Amir
  • Miss Xallawati(Teacher)
      This camp was held for almost 3 days 2 night.During this period,there were so many activities had been organised such as:
  • ice breaking
  • paper collage & public speaking
  • discovery trail(explorace)
  • paper shuffling
  • brain teaser
  • garage sale
However, the best part of the camp is the visit to the i-City,Shah Alam.Participants were brought there to see the fantastic colourful light arrangements and also to listen to some public speaking that had been delivered by the participants from eight different school.This activity is to encourage the students ability in speaking and delivering their thoughts to people in open area. 
     The closing ceremony was held on the third day. During this ceremony,two representatives from SEPINTAR received a trophyeach for 'Captain of Team' which is Muinuddin and 'Miss Congeniality' which is Amy Norfarahin.
     Last but not least,I hope that this kind of activity can be held at SEPINTAR because there are so many benefits that the students can get by joining this camp.That's all,thank you.

Reported by Ikhwan

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