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Sabtu, 16 Mac 2013

Makluman Untuk Hari Pengumuman Keputusan SPM 2012

My Dear ex-SEPINTARIANS (batch 0812)..
The results will be avaiable on Thursday 21st Mac 2013...( I' not sure about the exact time) Here are few do and don't..
i) Please wear your BATIK attire on this special day..(we'll be very proud to see you in batik for the very last time..)
ii) Guys please get your hair cut..you should look at your best on this special day..
iii)Again guys..strictly no jeans..please be examplary seniors to your juniors..(please make my life easier on this day...)
iv) Please settle your HUTANG..(PIBG..Hostel fee..missing text book and so on)..we've got the list of students who owe to the school...xbyr..xdpt result ori...!
v) Ladies please look at your best too..tudung tu biar nampak kemas..tak 'segebeh' mcm yg kami selalu tegur...

I think that's all..I know you are dying to meet/see/chat/get together with us and your friends again..please pray harder..please take care..Pengetua baru dah masuk..so please..pease..please..show some respects and give me your undivided cooperation during that day! Please dress to impress..see you all!

Sincerely yours,

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